Elvira is Co-Writing Her Own Comic, Elvira: The Omega Ma’am

For almost four decades, Cassandra Peterson has portrayed Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, on television, in movies, and in various pop culture events. Peterson has also lent her likeness to Elvira comic books. Now, Peterson is co-writing a new Elvira one-shot comic book with writer David Avallone and artist Dave Acosta. Both Avallone and Acosta have previously collaborated on Elvira comics for Dynamite.

Earlier today, Dynamite launched a Kickstarter campaign for Elvira: The Omega Ma’am #1. As of press time, Dynamite has raised nearly $32,000, which is almost five times its original $6,666 goal. Peterson also posted a campaign video for the comic, in which she once again reprised her role as Elvira.

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Peterson posed for one of the comic covers, while Acosta illustrated the primary cover. Backers will also sign copies for backers at certain reward levels. Other bidder incentives include Elvira trading cards, high-quality lithograph prints, a collectible coin, and board games.

Here’s the description from Dynamite Entertainment:

‘This brand new 48-page story finds Elvira waking up from a short coma (due to a hairspray overdose…) to discover a deserted Los Angeles. Wandering around with her canine companion, it seems she may be the sole survivor. But The Last Sex Symbol on Earth… is not alone! She must contend with a cult of zombie-like survivors who’ve ingested cleaning products that alter their DNA, as she seeks to find out what happened and where to get a decent cup of coffee. This exclusive comic pulls inspiration from the likes of The Omega Man, The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Mad Max and more, and is sure to be a delight for fans of horror, camp, and great stories – as only Elvira can! “

The Kickstarter campaign will run through November 13. You can check out the covers and a few preview pages below.

Are you excited to hear that Cassandra Peterson is co-writing an Elvira comic? Let us know in the comment section below!

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