The Walking Dead Showrunner on Season Finale’s Delay, Princess’ Debut

Many fans were probably disappointed when they heard that The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale won’t air as scheduled. Due to the coronavirus health emergency, post-production on the April 12 finale, “A Certain Doom,” could not be completed. Speaking with Entertainment WeeklyThe Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang expressed her regret about the delay of Season 10’s finale. But right now, “safety” is the keyword.

“I think it’s disappointing for all of us that work on the show,” she said. “Everybody works so hard, our post production team, all of our vendors who are partners with us, everybody was really kind of racing against the clock. But as everything was unfolding worldwide, we have people around the world that work on our VFX and so people were having to start moving things remotely. But there’s just certain parts of the post-process that are very difficult to move remotely, and everything that moves remotely works slower because it’s like rendering these giant effects.”

As fans know, though, the penultimate episode of a season often holds as many surprises as the finale. Kang adds that in this one, “there are huge stakes for everybody that’s involved, and so it will feel like there’s some danger for people at the end of it.”

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The latest episode of the show featured he debut of a well-known character to TWD comic book fans: Princess. On the screen, Paola Lazaro portrays the extremely talkative survivor.

“Yeah, for comic book readers, they know that this is Princess,” she added. “She’s a really fun character, and here’s this person who has been stuck in this city and she has forged her own path in life to try to deal with everything that’s happened. And I’ll say that she is in obviously some sort of strange confrontation with our people, and we’ll learn a lot more about her in the episode to follow. And she becomes an important catalyst for some of the things that are to happen.”

The Walking Dead Episode 10.15 will air on AMC on April 5. What do you think about Princess’ debut on the latest episode of The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.