Archie Meets Flash Gordon In New Comic Book Crossover

In these coronapocalyptic times, it’s hard to guess what’s coming next. After all, who could have predicted that Archie Andrews and his friends from Riverdale would be going on an intergalactic adventure alongside Alex Raymond’s iconic creation, Flash Gordon? But that’s exactly what’s going to happen in the upcoming crossover special, Archie Meets Flash Gordon.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, former Flash Gordon writer Jeff Parker will script the 48-page one-shot. Additionally, long time Archie artist, Dan Parent, will provide the artwork. If this crossover seems strange, keep in mind that Archie has already met the Punisher, Batman ’66,  KISS, the Ramones, and the Predator…twice! Parker and Parent previously teamed up for the Archie Meets Batman ’66 crossover.

Archie also provided THR with artist Sandy Jarrell’s cover for the first issue; which gives Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie some Mongo-style clothes of their own.

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“I’m now a pretty big believer that the Riverdale gang can fit with practically any other characters and genres, but it’s best when they get to really flex and go way outside their zone like say, the planet Mongo with Flash Gordon, King of the Impossible,” said Parker in a statement. “This of course coincides with the sad passing of cinema great Max Von Sydow who was the most memorable Ming the Merciless, and wait until you see our take on the Emperor of Mongo. I wanted to write more Archie and more Flash Gordon, so this really clicked for me, and I tried to laser in on tailoring this to be a story Dan Parent would enjoy drawing. He hasn’t yelled at me yet, so fingers crossed!”

Archie Meets Flash Gordon #1 will hit comic stores on Wednesday, June 3. You can see Parent’s full cover for the issue below.

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