Brandon Routh Reflects on His Final DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Episode

The latest episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow saw Atom and Nora leaving the Waverider. After a long run that lasted five seasons, Brandon Routh shot his last scenes together with his friend Nick Zano in “Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justness.” Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Routh revealed a bit of behind-the-scenes detail about their last day of shooting.

“The funny thing that happened is that we were having this weird camera glitch where the camera would just stop working. [One of the cameras] wouldn’t move,” he confessed. “So, we’re shooting this very dramatic scene and we have one camera, so we had to do it so many more times than we should have to make it work. But thankfully, because we were so in it and invested and were really feeling the feelings of our characters, it came not easily, because it’s rough to cry that much and have that emotion come out, but we were there for each other, two buddies to the end.”

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Routh recently revealed that he wasn’t his choice to leave the show. He praised the writers, though, for the way they handled the pep talk Ray gives Shakespeare about endings.

“Our writers are fantastic,” he added. “I know that they thought they were helping with the wedding, and for the fans, I’m glad it puts good closure, but for us, it was pouring salt on the wound, I guess.”

Many fans already expressed their disappointment in the fact that the CW let Routh and his wife Courtney Ford go away. Without them, the fans believe the show could lose their interest.

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