Brandon Routh Addresses His Legends of Tomorrow Departure

After five seasons, Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer AKA the Atom is set to depart DC’s Legends of Tomorrow later this month. Routh has been with the series since it’s beginning, and he recently discussed his feelings about how well Legends of Tomorrow handled his exit.

During an appearance on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, Inside of You, Routh reiterated that neither he, nor his wife and co-star, Courtney Ford, decided to leave the show. He also expressed his unhappiness with the situation.

“It was before we started production, but it was not well handled,” said Routh. “So that has been something my wife and I are both still working through. It’s been a huge transition time for us these last 8, 9, 10 months. So going, how was I going to find the joy in that, knowing this thing was looming. But I worked to just be with the crew that had become my family. And my cast that had become my family and experience that, and just be there in the interactions with the people.”

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“What I try to do at work is go to work, and try to enjoy my time on set,” added Routh. “You don’t know what the end product is going to be. You’re also talking about loss, so we’re going back to that — loss of my family for the last five years, and the character that I played for six years. I filmed my last episodes in the Arrowverse and as Ray Palmer. And that was a very traumatic event for me. It was not something I was expecting, it was shocking.”

Routh’s final Legends of Tomorrow episode will air on Tuesday, March 17 on The CW. 

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