Marvel Releases a New Trailer For Empyre #1

The enmity between the Kree and the Skrulls has been one of the most prolonged conflicts in Marvel history. But next month, the two alien races will put their differences aside and set their sights on Earth. Marvel has shared a new trailer for April’s Empyre #1 that features executive editor Tom Brevoort and co-writers Al Ewing and Dan Slott dishing on what readers can expect from the new series.

According to Brevoort, Empyre is a “big, sprawling space epic” that centers on the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. He also confirmed that it will be a “spiritual sequel and successor to the original Kree-Skrull war.” As a massive Kree-Skrull fleet makes its way toward the planet, the two superteams attempt to combat their forces from opposite sides. Unsurprisingly, cosmic chaos ensues.

Ewing and Slott are coming from two of Marvel’s most high profile titles (Immortal Hulk and Fantastic Four, respectively), so their collaboration is nothing to take lightly. However, Slott admitted that one of his main responsibilities was to prevent Ewing from killing off any beloved characters.

“If someone dies, it means I failed you,” joked Slott.

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Both writers also praised the work of Valerio Schiti, who is handling the interior artwork. But beyond that, they teased that the Marvel Universe’s vast intergalactic landscape will have undergone a major facelift by the time the series wraps up.

“If you’re a longtime Marvel reader, this is going to pay off so many big things,” said Slott. “If you’re a Marvel reader who started yesterday, welcome to the rich legacy of the Marvel Universe.”

“This is going to change things forever both in terms of the architecture of Marvel space, the vast cosmic politics of it all but also in this really intense, emotional, personal level,” added Ewing. “I’d be astonished if anyone guesses what we got coming.”

Empyre #1 hits comic shops on April 15. You can view out the trailer for the series and the first issue’s cover below.

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