Marvel Goes Full Potter With Strange Academy #1 Trailer

Until now, Marvel has never had a Hogwarts of its own. But in March, Skottie Young and artist Humberto Ramos are launching Strange Academy, a new ongoing series that definitely seems to be going for the Harry Potter vibe. Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Voodoo, Magik, and several other prominent sorcerers have gathered to teach a new generation. However, time is not on their side, and the newest magical threat to the Marvel Universe may come from within.

Marvel has released a new trailer for Strange Academy #1, which features a few words from Young and Ramos to hype up the series. Nick Lowe, one of Marvel’s executive editors, also shares his excitement about the new book. However, it was Ramos who appeared to be most excited about introducing the series’ new characters, including the illegitimate son of the Dread Dormammu.

“The greatest thing about working at Marvel is that you get to give life to the characters you grew up with, those who inspired you,” says Ramos. “Today we have a chance to bring a new set of characters that will hopefully inspire a new generation , and it doesn’t hurt when you can do that alongside one talented as hell friend, does it?”

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Here’s the official description from Marvel:

“Magic has changed and is more powerful – and dangerous – than ever, and Doctor Strange is forced to do what he’s avoided for decades: he’s opened a school for young sorcerers…but as they will soon learn, magic always comes at a cost.”

Strange Academy #1 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, March 4.

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