Marvel Gives Nebula Her First-Ever Comic Book Series

Back in 1985, Nebula debuted as an Avengers villain who claimed to be the grand daughter of Thanos. But thanks to her recent heroic turns in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame, Marvel is giving Nebula her first ever comic.

Via, Vita Ayala and artist Claire Roe will be the creative team of Nebula. Jen Bartel will provide the cover art for the five-issue miniseries. While Nebula hasn’t quite had a face turn in the comics, she has been more sympathetically portrayed in the current Guardians of the Galaxy comic.

According to Marvel, the story will put Nebula on a quest for “a very secret device.” And Nebula will be going up against some of “the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters.”

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Ayala spoke with Refinery29 about her take on Nebula herself.

“I think of her as someone who has been fundamentally traumatized and damaged, both physically and psychologically,” said Ayala. “One of the things I found really interesting about her was how she became kind of a cyborg; they went in and put robotic parts everywhere, including her brain. I wondered, What does that do to a person? Does that account for some of the really wild stuff that she gets up to later on? So the series has explosions and punching and shooting — it’s basically a space Western — but through all that stuff, I really want to show what trauma does to you, fundamentally as a person.”

Nebula #1 will hit comic stores in February 2020.

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