First Look At John Constantine: Hellblazer #1

John Constantine is dead. Or at least he was. When dealing with magic, it’s hard to say that anything is absolute. Earlier this week, The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1 brought back the original John Constantine. This is the Constantine who headlined 300 issues of Vertigo’s Hellblazer comic before his untimely demise. Later this month, Simon Spurrier and artist Aaron Campbell are continuing the story in John Constantine: Hellblazer #1. DC has also dropped nine pages from the first issue, as a taste of the horror that awaits John in his new life.

“The biggest difference he’s facing…is simply that he’s been away for long enough that he’s now a stranger in his own life,” said Spurrier while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter. “There are monsters and fools in charge of the world, and where once he had a near-endless Rolodex of old mates and lovers on whom he could rely for help, and whom he would almost inevitably betray for the greater good, he’s now on his own. ‘I’m not lonely,’ as he says in issue 1, lying through his teeth. ‘I like being on my own.’ Oh, John.”

“We all know someone like Constantine,” added Spurrier. “He’s a collector of people. The life and soul of the party, because as long as he feels like people admire him — as long as he has a circle to make him feel wanted — he doesn’t have to think about all the terrible things he’s done, and all the terrible things he will absolutely, invariably, inevitably continue to do.”

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Here’s the official description from DC.

“The original Constantine is back in a new series from Simon Spurrier (The Dreaming) and Aaron Campbell (Infidel), with nothing to his name but decades of bad memories and an unearned second chance. How, exactly, will he squander it? There’s only one way to find out…

John Constantine is back in London, back to his old tricks-and just in time, as things have become very dark indeed in his old stomping grounds. A small-time gang lord has found himself dealing with a big-time outbreak of supernatural weirdness…and without any allies to call on and nothing left to call his own, John doesn’t have much choice about taking a paycheck from one of London’s worst, or accepting the help of one of the gang lord’s would-be foot soldiers. But what should be an open-and-shut exorcism turns out to be nothing but…and the author of this madness may just be getting started on their terrible masterpiece!”

You can read the full preview in our gallery below.John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, November 27.

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