Exclusive Preview: Ignited #2

The world has changed. Safety is just an illusion, and security theater is meant to be enough to placate the masses. But in the pages of Ignited, a group of teenagers have become something more than human. A tragic incident triggered, or shall we say, ignited their true potential. In the first issue, a young woman named Anouk was obsessed with Wave and Viral, two self-proclaimed heroes. But when she tracked them down, Anouk realized that Wave was no longer human.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Humanoids’ Ignited #2, Mark Waid, Kwanza Osajyefo, and artist Phil Briones continue their tale. In a flash forward sequence, Marisol faces some tough questions from the police. But she’s got secrets of her own… Then Wave shares his origin story. Once, he was simply Shai, an ordinary student. But at the moment of his death, Shai became something more than he was. Something greater.

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Here’s the official description from Humanoids: “The lives of six teenagers are changed forever when tragic chaos ensues in their high school.

Now the power to restore order is literally in their hands. It’s the first day back at Phoenix Academy High—but this year, there’s no back to school excitement in the air, as returning students and faculty are haunted by memories of last year’s horrific attack. So many friends and colleagues were lost, and some of those who survived underwent changes—they IGNITED, gaining supernatural abilities they barely understand.

Little do they know this is just the beginning…”

You can see the covers by John Cassaday and Yanick Paquette, as well as the preview pages in our gallery below. Ignited #2 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, July 3. What did you think about the preview? Let us know in the comment section below!

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