New House of X/Powers of X Trailer Hypes the X-Men’s Return to Prominence

After teasing the upcoming X-Men relaunch with new character designs, Marvel has finally released a “trailer” for the Jonathan Hickman-penned House of X and Powers of X miniseries. The two-minute advert primarily features interviews with Hickman and a few Marvel editors. However, it also includes a glimpse at new artwork from both titles. You can check it out for yourself below.

According to Marvel’s editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski, the relaunch has been a long time coming. Cebulski noted that he wanted to make sure that they hired the best writer to return the mutants to their former glory.

“We wanted to take a close look at the X-Men and re-focus our efforts to try to see what we can do to bring them back to the prominence that they deserve,” said Cebulski. “When Jonathan Hickman came in with the idea for what he has planned, we knew we found the guy. He is looking back at the past and building upon what has gone before and taking it to the next level. It truly is a new era for X-Men, but not forgetting anything that has gone before.”

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Hickman also explained how House of X and Powers of X (pronounced “Power of Ten”) tie together. Although the miniseries tell separate stories, they will eventually collide and establish “the new paradigm for the X-Men universe” thereafter. Additionally, he praised the artistry of his collaborators Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva.

“The cool thing is all of the character design and environmental design that we’re going to be using for years down the road,” said Hickman. “And they’re knocking that out of the park. It’s primal world building and the two of them are as doing as good of a job as you can at it.”

New characters have largely been the focus of the event’s marketing campaign. But judging by the artwork shown in the trailer, we’ll also see some familiar friends and foes like the Sentinels and even the Fantastic Four. As senior X-Men editor Jordan D. White notes, this is all part of Hickman’s grand vision.

“Jonathan has so many great ideas and he’s packed them into this series,” said White. “When you get through the other end of it, it’s a whole new world of stories that are opened up to you. Things that just wouldn’t have been possible for X-Men before. And it’s so great and there’s so much to it.”

House of X and Powers of X arrive next month. You can share your thoughts on the new trailer in the comment section below!

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