Swamp Thing cancelled concern

Swamp Thing Star Thanks Fans for Their Support After Early Cancellation

Swamp Thing star Derek Mears has been struck by the affection the fans showed for the series, after DC Universe canceled the show. Mears played the creature, and he would have reportedly continued to portray it for a three-season arc. Now the actor felt obliged to take to Twitter and express thanks for the “positive responses” Swamp Thing is receiving.

“I am sincerely blown away by all the positive responses we’ve received for Swamp Thing. For everyone who has posted a comment, made fan art or have shared their love for the show with a friend, my heartfelt thanks,” Mears wrote.

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DC Universe cancelled Swamp Thing less than a week after the first episode debuted. The decision caught many by surprise, because the series’ positive reception from fans and critics alike. The streaming service hasn’t provide an official reason for the show’s cancellation yet, dismissing the story with a simple “we are not in a position to answer at this time.” Speaking with Collider’s The Witching Hour, Mears has recently expressed his perplexity about WarnerMedia/AT&T executives’ decision to cancel the series.

“So it’s a weird nebulous space that we’re all in now because we don’t know officially why that would happen, or why they cancelled it,” he said. “Even if you are going to cancel it, wouldn’t you wait until later on until to see how it plays with fans before? So, something’s going on somewhere.”

Despite the series’ cancellation, DC Universe still plans to release the full first season with new episodes weekly. Episode 5 of Swamp Thing airs on DC Universe June 21. What do you think about Mears’ words? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.