Swamp Thing cancelled concern

James Wan Reacts to Swamp Thing’s Abrupt Cancellation

Last week, DC Universe suddenly canceled Swamp Thing after only a single episode had been released. This move caught fans and critics by surprise because it was widely hailed as DC Universe’s best original show to date. So far, there have only been rumors about why the show came to such an abrupt end. Now, James Wan, one of the producers behind the series, has offered his thoughts on the matter.

Via Deadline, Wan took to his Instagram account and essentially said that he doesn’t know why Swamp Thing was cancelled. But he did urge fans to keep watching the series, simply because it deserves to be seen.

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On the day Swamp Thing was cancelled, an unverified theory on twitter suggested that DC Universe pulled the plug over North Carolina’s tax rebates. It was suggested that an accounting mistake by the state cost DC several million dollars. However, Guy Gasser, the director of North Carolina’s Film Office, told Deadline that the theory was false. Gasser also pointed out that DC Universe was fully aware of the amount it would receive as a tax rebate.

There’s still no definitive answer as to why Swamp Thing won’t be allowed to continue. But as Wan alluded to above, the remaining episodes will still be streamed every Friday on DC Universe.

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