Exclusive Preview: Go Go Power Rangers #19

Rita Repulsa may be the Power Rangers’ first and deadliest foe, but she wasn’t always a villain. Boom! Studios’ Go Go Power Rangers series has been offering hints at Rita’s past, including her birth on the planet Iutus 10,000 years ago. Lady Fienna, Rita’s mother, fled from her lover, Master Vile and attempted to protect their daughter from her father’s darkness. However, Fieena failed, and Rita went on to become just as evil as Master Vile.

More recently, Rita acquired the Green Power Coin in order to create a Power Ranger fully under her control. Events are creeping closer and closer to the Green Ranger Saga. Regardless, not even Rita can access the Power Coin without help. Using her own power, Rita called forth her mother from the afterlife and tricked Fieena’s spirit into helping her. Now, Fienna knows the truth about her daughter’s dark intentions. Now their battle is about to begin.

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In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Go Go Power Rangers #19, Ryan Parrott and artist Eleonora Carlini depict Fienna’s desperate last stand against the Tenga warriors that killed her. But in the present, Fienna’s spirit has vowed to stop her daughter by any means necessary. And she might have the power to pull that off.

Here’s the official description from Boom! Studios: “Rita Repulsa must go to war to obtain the Green Power coin. But there’s just one problem – there’s one magic user who may be more powerful than her. And it’s her MOTHER.”

You can read the full exclusive preview in our gallery below. Go Go Power Rangers #19 will be released on Wednesday, April 10. What did you think about the preview? Let us know in the comment section below!