Exclusive Preview: Young Justice #3

Thanks to the New 52 and DC Rebirth, the history of the DC Universe isn’t what it used to be. But now, Brian Michael Bendis and artists Patrick Gleason and Viktor Bogdanovic are bringing the Young Justice team back into the spotlight…even if their continuity doesn’t exactly line up. It’s not a perfect world, but Robin, Wonder Girl, and Impulse are back together alongside Jinny Hex, Teen Lantern, and Amethyst, the Princess of Gemworld. In the first issue of Young Justice, the makeshift team repelled an invasion by Gemworld soldiers, and Impulse was reunited with Connor Kent/Superboy.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Young Justice #3, Impulse finally gets to talk to Connor. However, the former Superboy has a few surprises for his old friend. And Connor may not be a fighter anymore. Meanwhile, the forces of Gemworld are still looking for their revenge, and Impulse is their next target.

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Here’s the official description from DC: “Young Justice is back, baby! Bendis and Gleason reunite all your favorites in one place! Robin (Tim Drake—the best Robin) and Amethyst (best Princess of Gemworld!) team with Wonder Girl, Jinny Hex and the new Teen Lantern (not even close to the best Green Lantern) to take back the mysterious Gemworld from the evil forces of dark Opal. Meanwhile, the reunited Impulse and Superboy have a lot of explaining to do. Also in this issue, find out where Connor Kent has been all this time. This is a big issue for Superboy fans!”

You can read the full exclusive preview in our gallery below. Young Justice #3 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, March 13. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!