Hawkman by Stejpan Sejic
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Justice Society of America #10 Reveals How Hawkman Suffers Because of His Powers

Hawkman has one of the more interesting backstories in all of DC Comics. The reincarnation of an Egyptian emperor, he has been continually reborn across time and space. As such, he retains the knowledge of his past lives. However, there is a flipside to this power, as Justice Society of America #10 reveals.

Written by Geoff Johns, with art by Mikel Janin and Marco Santucci, Justice Society of America #10 finds the JSA fighting to stop the end of the world. The villainous Gentleman Ghost had begun a ritual to release the fire giant Surtur and start Ragnarok. Unfortunately, thanks to an ill-timed attack by new recruit Icicle, Sutur was accidentally freed.

Mordru kills Hawkman in Justice Society of America 10
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Thankfully, one of the other new JSA members had a plan to stop Surtur. Unfortunately, this plan required killing Hawkman. The Legionnaire, a teenage version of the wizard Mordru from before he turned to evil, worked a spell to transfer Carter Hall’s life force into Gentleman Ghost. Since the ritual required a ghost to function, this broke the summoning spell. Hawkman also healed almost instantly, thanks to the nature of his immortality. However, his resurrection did not come without cost.

Hawkman relives all his deaths when he dies

Hawkman discusses deaths in Justice Society of America 10
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Hawkman reminded his teammates that his cycle of death and rebirth was intended to be a curse. As such, while he is effectively immortal, he suffers the pain of every death he’s ever experienced every time he dies. He is also forced to watch every violent death his true love, Hawkwoman, experienced as well.

Hawkman is the first of the JSA members who votes to expel Mordru from the team. He also says he may kill the young wizard if he ever sees him again. Such is the pain of his deaths that even the mighty Hawkman cannot control his rage against those who killed him, even if it was nominally for a good reason.

Justice Society of America #10 is now available in comic shops everywhere.