Hero Chat Episode 4 – November 12, 2012

TOPIC #3 – The Next Big Comics Movie Fan Favorite

Over the past few years, a couple of directors have stood out as fanboy favorites when it comes to superhero/comic movies: Christopher Nolan, Joss Whedon and Guillermo del Toro are 3. Some could say Edgar Wright if you count Scott Pilgrim.

I do.

Who do you two think will be the NEXT big fanboy favorite in terms of superhero movies? It could be someone established, someone who has only done one movie or anyone. I might include Matthew Vaughn in that lot, too, although he really needs to stop leaving projects.

Oooh, good topic!

Yeah, great idea

I know someone that comes to mind immediately: Christopher Smith, who made a little indie called “Black Death.”

I saw that, wasn’t that impressed, but he’s done other movies, too, right?

I think that movie was insanely awesome, one of the BEST medieval knight movies.That guy to me is prime material to take on a genre property.

Yeah he did Triangle, Severance, and Creep.

He’s done some other low budge horror stuff.

Oh, I liked Severance.

He would be good for like Etrigan or Swamp Thing. Or Hellblazer.

But I know he’s been circling other bigger projetcs since that one, and certain big name directors were really impressed, Ridley Scott for one.

I wonder if he has any interest in that sort of thing.

He’d make an amazing Hellblazer movie — Constantine notwithstanding.

With Daniel Craig as John Constantine.

Wow, can we go back in time and replace Keanu?

We’ll replace him with a digital version of Yoda.

I wonder if this idea of a Vertigo supergroup would happen.

 I wish but I doubt it.

I’m going to say Rupert Sanders. I think he’s gotta get his hands on a comic book property soon.

Yes! Love him. No wait, I was thinking of Rupert Wyatt. Who is Sanders?

Um…. maybe I meant Rupert Wyatt? πŸ™‚

Yeah you did. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was surprisingly good.

No, I did mean Rupert Sanders who directed Snow White and the Huntsman. That guy has the visual chops to create an epic movie in my mind.

 I think they both do.

I have a feeling Rupert Wyatt has no interest in doing a superhero movie.

That’s what I was going to say.

I’ve met and talked to Wyatt, not Sanders. I agree about Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I wonder if relationships are good enough that Fox might give him one of their movies like FF. Though I guess the Chronicle guy’s already got that one, yes? Is he one worth mentioning? Josh Trank?

He’s also attached to like four other things too.

He’s doing FF, that’s locked. Done deal.

What Trank did in Chronicle seems to be more in line with some of the darker superhero comics then some of Fox’s actual movies.

Yeah. Venom, Shadow of Collossus, Chronicle 2.

Venom as in Spider-Man’s enemy Venom? See, that could definitely put Trank in that category.

Yeah Spidey Venom.

 The weird thing is that even though the FF movies they made are terrible, they actually are pretty faithful to the tone of the comics, like them or not. I don’t.

 It’s been too long since I’ve seen them.

I love the comics, but they only stick to some of the sillier bits.. they really screwed those up.

 What I mean is that this new FF shouldn’t try to distinguish itself by “going dark.”

  Which is what every studio thinks they should do, too.

Fantastic Four needs to go to the Negative Zone in the next movie… go into outer space.

 They should just try to make the silly stuff whimsical or charming, which is hard.

I just don’t think Tim Story was the right guy to direct that.

Trank did some funny stuff in Chronicle, so I think he could handle it, theoretically, but let’s not forget this movie is all about keeping rights to a property first, making a good movie way way second or third.

At least a step above the other two.

 Oh, that’s being quite cynical.. I’m sure Fox would want a decent movie. Speaking of which, I guess Daredevil is back at Marvel now, right?

 As of October 10th I believe.

I have another director. Someone who really impressed me this year, a true talent:


Gareth Evans, the man who made a little movie called “The Raid: Redemption” which has to be one of the most ass-kicking movies in a decade.

Yeah that was impressive. I could see him doing some great stuff.

Put him on Iron First and I’m there.

Boom! Make it so!

 Or Daredevil.

I think he’d be a great fit with either of them and I do think he could become a fan favorite.

 I actually was charged by Moviefone to come up with different teams for the next Batman reboot, and I chose Evans as my big one. I think if he did a movie version of Gotham Central, that would be rad, where Batman is sorta in the background and the focus is on the Gotham police. It would be like The Wire with Batman.

 Love it. Shut up and take my money.


That’s be interesting. Max, start a Kickstarter for that project!

MONEY NEEDED TO GET RIGHTS FROM WARNER BROS: $1 Trillion dollars. Money Raised: $23.00.

Of course, I think people would love to see Rian Johnson or Duncan Jones do a big superhero movie, but I think both guys are really into doing their own thing.

I would like to see them do it, but I’d rather see them doing their own movies.

Exactly. If you can do your own thing then by all means do it, but if you need clout to do your own thing down the road, a superhero movie is a big ticket to next level filmmaking. That’s what fans don’t understand when they say they want J.J. Abrams or Edgar Wright or Guillermo del Toro for Star Wars or JLA, these guys have their own things going. They can’t make every movie, even if you’d really like them to. Sorry.

That’s absolutely the case with Guillermo. He walked away from The Hobbit. J.J. Abrams’ franchise is Star Trek, why do another one?


And of course, Ant-Man is going to make $2 billion worldwide, so Edgar will be making those movies for a while.

I’m very happy we have GDT doing Pacific Rim, a big, original tentpole movie.

Yeah, it’s a big risk for sure but I’m sure it will be better than anything else out there.

I love certain franchises, Star Wars is one of them, but my whole reason for loving movies is to have as many NEW experiences.

Is that this summer?

This Summer. Guillermo del Toro will send giant monsters into your theater to give you fanboy handjobs!

You mean next summer. This summer has passed πŸ™‚ And you mean “handshakes” right? πŸ™‚


I like cool original material as well… screw all these damn superhero and comic book movies!

Wait, what website are we doing this for?

Yeah, let’s change the name of the website to “Original Movie Hype!”


I’ll pitch it to the bossman now!

I like the idea of one-for-me one-for-them. Guillermo does that. He did Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth in between Hellboy and Blade movies.

This week, our big feature on Coppola’s “Twixt”!

I think we tried that with CS Indie and it flopped.

Tweets: 0 Facebook Likes: 0


Okay, I think we’re ready to wrap up so quickly everyone….



(And in case you’re wondering, the above should be read in the voice of the late Gary Coleman.)

I’m reading a few things right now, including favorites like Mighty Thor and Saga, but my absolute best discovery has been THE MASSIVE by Brian Wood.

Brian Wood’s a pretty solid writer/creator. I should read the issues I bought! πŸ™‚

I hadn’t even heard of that until we started prepping this, I’ll need to check it out.

The Massive is about an eco protest ship that has to survive after the collapse of civilization following a natural global disaster. It’s searching for its lost sister ship, and there are lots of pirates and scavengers to contend with. The perfect post-Sandy read for any east coasters out there.

That sounds pretty cool… I have to find my issues. How many have there been?

 Five so far.

Ongoing or a miniseries?

 I was lucky enough to talk briefly with Brian at NYCC. He told me that he plans for the series to last 30 or so issues.

I feel like I had that book on my pull list at one point.

 The artwork on the first three was drop-dead gorgeous. Kristian Donaldson, although I heard he and Wood had a big falling out so he got replaced by a new guy on issue 4. New artist is good too, but the writing is the star attraction. The level of realism, whether it be political climates, global eco concerns, to specific nautical details, it’s not like anything you’ve ever read

 Good to know… Spence, whatchu reading?

They just had a big sale on Comixology on Gail Simone’s Villains United and Secret Six, so I’ve been reading those. And I got the second compendium of The Walking Dead, haven’t started it yet though

Second compendium is #49-100?

 49-96 actually.

I had to stop WD after the first compendium. That ending was BRUTAL — a real kick to the nuts.

See, this is what happens when we have a guest from Brooklyn? Pottymouth! πŸ™‚ I’ve fallen way behind on Walking Dead. I like Gail Simone’s Villains United but started to lose interest when it transitioned to Secret Six. And now that Suicide Squad is back, I’m all over that.

 I pretty much only get SS for Deadshot and King Shark.

I did a bit of reading during the blackout last week but I’m mostly catching up on DC New 52 zero issues.There were some really nice surprises in there, especially for some of the books I haven’t been that into. I really liked the Batwoman #0 and Wonder Woman #0 and I thought both Superman and Action Comics #0 were more interesting to me than either of the comics themselves.

The only one I wasn’t crazy about in 0 month was Earth 2. It was bland.

I don’t even remember reading that so you may be right. There were a few duds though… both of the Greg Hurwitz Batman zeros. I’m way behind on reading though cause all my comic shipments have been waylaid by the storm/power outage.

Understandable, just so you know Marvel NOW! starts this week with Iron Man and Deadpool.

I don’t read too many cape books, but I am excited about Marvel NOW! because I like the idea of jumping on points for relative newbies. I love me some Thor, and Red Hulk is pretty cool, but I’m mostly in the dark on the rest of their titles.

Oh, are those both out this week? I’m definitely curious about them.

Yeah those two are this week.

WIll def read Iron Man because of Kieron Gillen.

I’m still cautious on Marvel NOW! for reasons we discussed last time.

I love his writing on Journey Into Mystery, he’s got such a smart voice. I suppose he’s like a British Joss Whedon.

I thought that was the guy that does Dr. Who.

That’s Andy Diggle I think. At least the new series. Another thing I need to read.

On this edition of “Weird British Names That Sound Like Slang For Penises.”

And on that note… Look for our next Hero Chat sometime in the coming weeks.


(Guillermo del Toro Photo Credit: Starbux/WENN.com)

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