Todd McFarlane on Spawn’s Call of Duty Crossover: ‘There’s a Natural Military Aspect’

The world of Call of Duty will soon see Spawn appear in it as part of Modern Warfare II’s sixth season of content. According to creator Todd McFarlane, the fit was pretty seamless.

Speaking to ComingSoon, McFarlane spoke about the recently announced crossover and noted that besides just being known as Spawn, the iconic comic book character was a former military member named Al Simmons.

“Well, let’s talk about the character himself,” said McFarlane. “Right underneath the mask in the costume is a guy named Al Simmons — more specifically, Lieutenant Colonel Al Simmons. So literally since issue number one, there’s been the presence of military in the mythology of this character. So, besides him being popular on the comic book front for 30 years. There’s a natural military aspect that I think probably makes him a little bit easier and more seamless to integrate into the Call of Duty game than if you were parachuting other licensed products into it.”

Call of Duty’s different iterations of Spawn

McFarlane also mentioned that besides just appearing as Spawn, the team behind Modern Warfare II and himself wanted the character to have different iterations, making sure that they fit within the game while also showing off the character.

“So when we were having a conversation with the dev team, we spoke about that more, instead of it just being Spawn or Spawn with big guns. There are iterations — not only in the comic book, but on the toy side of him — as Commando Spawn, decked out in his Desert Storm look, his military looks, and then Al Simmons himself, pre-becoming Spawn; he was just a badass in the military,” McFarlane continued.

“He was in the Special Ops. So I think when everybody thought about it, I think they came in with, ‘Hey, let’s just do a Spawn. It’d be cool.’ And then we sort of expanded out, which is why it’s not just the OG Spawn — it’s Spawn and a couple different looks, a couple different characters, and then even some of the Call of Duty characters with “cosplay paint jobs” of Spawn on them.”