How Spawn’s Bold New Creative Direction Extends to Its Spin-off Titles

Image Comics has revealed how Spawn‘s upcoming change in direction will affect the main series’ various tie-in books.

Image recently announced that this month’s Spawn #350 would see Brett Booth take over as series artist. The record-breaking issue — which teams Booth with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, Rory McConville, and current series artist Carlo Barberi — also marks the beginning of a bold new creative direction for the series. At the center of this new direction is the Throne of Hell, which will be occupied for the first time since Spawn #100.

This shift to the status quo will reverberate throughout the Spawn line, changing the trajectory of not only the main series, but also King Spawn, Gunslinger, and The Scorched. King Spawn #31 by McFarlane and Jeremy Haun arrives on Wednesday, March 6. Gunslinger #29 by McFarlane and Barberi (who takes over drawing the series for Booth) hits comic shops the very same day. The Scorched #27 by John Layman and Stephen Segovia follows suit one week later on March 13. Check out the cover art for all three issues below:

At this time, Image has also revealed the cover for Spawn #351 by McConville and Booth, which arrives on Wednesday, March 20. Check that out below:

Spawn #351 – Cover A by Randal (cardstock) 

Spawn’s new direction ‘will affect everyone’

“As the repercussions of the events unfolding in Spawn #350 echo throughout the Spawn Universe, they will impact the fate of every character. The balance of power will undergo a dramatic shift. Characters — both past and present — will find themselves at the forefront of this ever-evolving storyline, reshaping the Power Rankings within the Spawn Universe,” Image wrote in its official press release.

“…Fans will soon bear witness to their beloved characters’ struggles with the consequences of losing the powers once bestowed upon them from Heaven or Hell, while also adapting to their newfound roles and identities,” the publisher continued. “It will affect everyone.”

The new era of Spawn begins in issue #350 — on sale Wednesday, February 21 from Image Comics.