Spider-Man 2 Symbiote

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Creative Director: Symbiote Finishers Are ‘Borderline Brutal’

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 creative director Bryan Intihar has gone into more detail about how the symbiote will play in the superhero sequel game.

What will the symbiote play like in Spider-Man 2?

While speaking with IGN, Intihar described fan expectations for the symbiote suit and how developer Insomniac Games went about designing the suit’s playstyle.

“We understand that the expectations for the Symbiote are really high and we wanted it to feel different than what you would normally see,” Intihar explained. “Peter and Miles, so much of their move set is based on fluidity, speed, acrobatic, and the Symbiote is power, is strength, aggression and I think we wanted to make sure that from a gameplay standpoint that was represented.” He then described the symbiote suit’s new finishers as “much more aggressive and borderline brutal.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Developed by Insomniac, the sequel will feature a variety of famous Spider-Man villains, including Kraven the Hunter and Venom, the latter of which will be voiced by Candyman star Tony Todd. The recently released trailer shows off some of the Symbiote’s powerful new abilities while teasing that Peter is becoming more aggressive as a result of its influence.