Spider-Man DLC Gets No Story Missions in Marvel’s Avengers

In just one week, Spider-Man will finally join Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation exclusive. But unlike previous DLC, gamers shouldn’t expect the friendly neighborhood webslinger to come with his own mini-campaign. According to Avengers Gameplay Director Philippe Therien, the new update will not add any new story missions for the character.

Therien shared the news during a recent interview with IGN. This stands in contrast to earlier DLC featuring Kate Bishop and Black Panther, both of whom got their own story missions. But Therien explained that because Spidey is only available to PlayStation users, the developers didn’t want other players to feel left out by adding a new set of missions that could only be experienced on one console. This is also why the new With Great Power update is coming out as a “Hero Event” rather than an Operation or an Expansion.

On the same day that Spider-Man hits PS4 and PS5 systems, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will also release Avengers’ very first raid, Discordant Sound, which features the return of Klaw and will be available to play on all major consoles.

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“We want to spend our efforts on content that everyone can enjoy, so we chose to spend a lot of our energy on the Klaw raid that’s coming up at the same time,” said Therien. “Really that’s a simple decision for us. Spider-Man can play all the content, but then we release a piece of content that’s good on all platforms. Really that was a decision that’s been that way since the beginning.”

Spider-Man will join the character roster for Marvel’s Avengers next Tuesday, November 30.

How do you feel about the developers leaving out story missions for the new DLC? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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