Spider-Man Joins the Team In New Marvel’s Avengers Trailer

The heroes of Marvel’s Avengers already have their hands full with AIM, a dangerous alternate future, the forces of Klaw, and an impending invasion from the alien Kree. However, PS4 and PS5 players are about to get some backup from the most amazing Marvel hero of them all. IGN has debuted a new Marvel’s Avengers trailer in which Spider-Man joins the team.

This isn’t a gameplay trailer. Regardless, it does offer a glimpse of some of Spidey’s moves. But even the Wall-crawler is overwhelmed by AIM’s sheer numbers. Fortunately, the Avengers have Spider-Man’s back. And they are all here for the trailer, including the three previous DLC heroes: Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and also Black Panther.

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For this PlayStation exclusive event, Peter Parker will form friendships with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow in his civilian identity as he tries to help them take down AIM. However, Spidey’s relationship with the Avengers may not be as easy to manage. While Spider-Man’s comic book and MCU counterparts have been Avengers, this appears to be the first time that the Spidey of this world has joined the team. And they’re going to need him.

Spider-Man will be added to Marvel’s Avengers on PS4 and PS5 on November 30.

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