Spider-Man Comes To Marvel’s Avengers Later This Month

Peter Parker is finally swinging into Square Enix’s Marvel Universe. Back in September, the studio announced that everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man would join Marvel’s Avengers as a playable character by the end of the year. Now, a new blog post has confirmed a November 30 release date for the hero’s long-awaited arrival as a PlayStation exclusive.

Spidey will join the Avengers character roster as part of the new “With Great Power Hero Event.” According to its official breakdown, gamers will experience the webhead’s new adventure by unlocking new challenges “woven throughout the Avengers Initiative.” The story follows Peter as he discovers AIM’s plot to enhance their army of Synthoids using new technology. In order to stop them, he teams up with the Avengers and forms a “tentative friendship” with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, all while keeping his identity a secret. The event also promises to show Peter chafing under the pressure of working with a team. However, it doesn’t say whether the Avengers will invite him to join their ranks on a full-time basis.

November 30 will also debut the game’s first-ever raid, Discordant Sound, which features the return of Klaw. Following the events of War for Wakanda, Klaw returns to the Vibranium Mound to destroy the country once and for all. Gamers will have the chance to “finish him off for good” and “claim the highest-end gear” as a reward. Unfortunately, the battle isn’t going to be a walk in the park, so they must choose their four-person team wisely.

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The upcoming Avengers patch will also deliver reworked systems, including a Power Level cap increase from 150 to 175. It also looks like players can expect a new Hawkeye nameplate challenge inspired by the highly-anticipated Disney+ series. You can view the full roadmap for the game’s fall and winter slate below.

Are you excited to play as Spider-Man later this month? Which other updates are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below!

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