Marvel Joins With Skydance New Media For an Upcoming Video Game

The latest Marvel video game just hit stores earlier this week, but the bigger news just broke. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the House of Ideas is teaming up with Skydance New Media to develop a new game set in the Marvel Universe. The game also marks the first major undertaking by Skydance’s AAA games division since its formation in 2019.

Skydance’s Amy Hennig confirmed that the project was in the works earlier today. She didn’t specify which characters will appear in the game. However, players can expect it to be a “narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and take on the Marvel Universe.”

With Spider-Man PS4, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and now Guardians of the Galaxy earning top marks from critics and fans alike, the standard of quality for Marvel games has risen over the last few years. So expectations are definitely high for whatever this new project is. But luckily, it already has some star power behind it. Hennig is best known as the co-creator of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted, having worked as a writer and a creative director on the first three games in the series. She also previously worked for Electronic Arts and Crystal Dynamics.

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“I can’t imagine a better partner than Marvel for our first game,” said Hennig in a new statement. “The Marvel Universe epitomizes all the action, mystery and thrills of the pulp adventure genre that I adore and lends itself perfectly to an interactive experience. It’s an honor to be able to tell an original story with all the humanity, complexity, and humor that makes Marvel characters so enduring and to enable our players to embody these heroes that they love.”

Marvel Games Head and Executive Vice President Jay Ong also shared a statement. And Ong seems to be very enthusiastic about it, even though he can’t share what he knows.

“Amy has been setting the bar for narrative adventure games for decades and we are happy to be collaborating with the talented and experienced New Media team at Skydance. Their ambition and vision for making innovative entertainment using beloved Marvel IP was obvious from our first meeting. We’re excited to share more with Marvel fans when the time is right.”

Do you have any theories about what Marvel is planning for its next video game? Also, which characters do you want to play in the game? Tell us your ideas in the comment section below!

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