Gotham Knights Creative Director Teases Tim Drake’s Future as Batman

Last week, WB Games Montréal released the trailer for the upcoming Gotham Knights video game during DC FanDome. The video featured Bruce Wayne’s successors as Gotham’s masked vigilantes as Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin watched over the city from above. In a recent interview with ComicbookGotham Knights creative director Patrick Redding explained why Tim Drake was always their Robin choice from the beginning, also teasing his future as The Dark Knight.

“So Tim Drake was our Robin choice right from the start and for reasons that I’m not going to get it to yet, because it does tie into the broader arc of the story, and we will talk about that a little later,” he said. “Tim was the right Robin to be the newest Robin for where we’re at, and as well for us, it allowed us to have a teenage Robin who was nevertheless still a physically formidable and physically credible fighter. Even though he has more of a stealth focus and a bit more of a focus in terms of how he’s using his gadgets and using the tricks and detective intuition that he has, we still wanted a Robin that could credibly go through a full evolutionary arc that would end with him being the new Dark Knight of Gotham City.”

Redding went on to praise Tim’s abilities as a detective, adding that he also has some of Bruce’s core idiosyncrasies.

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The trailer released at DC FanDome revealed that Bruce Wayne is dead. Logic suggests that someone among his faithful sidekicks will take up cape and cowl soon enough. In the comics, Tim has already assumed the Batman mantle twice. The first time, it was when he and Batman switched ages during the Sins of the Youth Young Justice storyline. The second, when Nightwing refused to take up the cape and cowl after Bruce Wayne’s apparent death.

Gotham Knights will debut somewhere in 2021.

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