Iron Man VR Team Talks About the Challenge of Recreating Tony Stark’s World

Next month, gamers will get a chance to step into Tony Stark’s iconic armor in Iron Man VR. This Playstation VR exclusive title was developed by Camouflaj, and it promises to give fans a taste of what it’s like to be Iron Man in virtual reality. Now, in a new video, the team behind Iron Man VR has opened up about some of the challenges they faced while making the game. According to director Ryan Payton, Marvel even told him that the game would likely be given to a bigger developer unless Camouflaj delivered a knock out demo.

Payton and his team rose to that challenge. But whenever they were stuck, Payton knew where to turn.

“In a lot of ways, developing this game was really, really difficult,” admitted Payton. “But in a lot of ways, developing Marvel’s Iron Man VR is actually quite easy. Because whenever we got stuck, we just looked back to the source material. We looked back to what makes Tony Stark one of the most iconic characters in the whole planet.”

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“Tony Stark as a character is such a fun sandbox to play in as storytellers,” added Payton. “At Camouflaj, we really wanted to make sure that we paired the action with really fun and meaningful story moments.”

Additionally, the video follows Iron Man as he attempts to prevent a Stark plane from crashing. Iron Man also briefly encounters Ghost, one of his primary enemies in the game.

Iron Man VR will hit Playstation VR on Friday, July 3. The game will also be available as part of an Iron Man VR/Playstation VR bundle that includes the Playstation Move controllers.

What do you think about the challenges faced by the Iron Man VR team? Are you looking forward to playing the game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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