Star Wars Battlefront II: The Age of Rebellion DLC Trailer Revisits the Original Trilogy Era

Star Wars Battlefront II: The Age of Rebellion Revisits the Original Trilogy Era

Now that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has come and gone, Star Wars: Battlefront II is able to revisit the original trilogy again. The latest Battlefront II DLC, The Age of Rebellion, has gone live. And EA has also released a new trailer that demonstrates the latest additions to the game.

As part of the update, seven new locations have been added to co-op. The Great Temple on Yavin IV, the second Death Star, the forest moon of Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, and Jabba’s Palace. Additionally, the Spice Mines of Kessel from Solo: A Star Wars Story have also been included. This DLC will also put the Republic Venator and Separatist Dreadnaught ships into co-op as playable areas.

However, the most enticing aspect of The Age of Rebellion may be its two new characters. A female ISB Agent is joining the ranks of the Empire, and she’s bringing her dual RK-4 blasters to the fight. One of her special abilities allows the ISB Agent to locate nearby rebels with enhanced speed. She can also inspire nearby allies with her “Double Your Effort” ability.

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The other new addition is the Ewok Hunter, who fights for the Rebellion. He comes armed with a bow, a spear, and a pouch of fiery Wisties. The Ewok Hunter can also use his Valiant Horn to increase the damage caused by his allies. But the downside of that ability is that it exposes the Ewok Hunter to enemy sensors.

For more details about the DLC, check out the full video below!

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