New Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Fleshes Out the Game

Superhero Hype has previously gone hands-on with Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers and broke down some of its backstory. But now there’s a new game overview trailer that walks us through all of the basics. As explained in the trailer, the Avengers broke up after being blamed for a tragedy in San Francisco.  In their wake, a new group call Advanced Intelligent Mechanics (or A.I.M.), takes over, and uses enhanced humanoid robots instead of superheros. Five years later, a young superhero fan named Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) discovers that A.I.M. is behind the conspiracy to destroy the Avengers. That’s why she vows to reunite the team and clear their names.

As previously discussed, the team’s headquarters in a ruined helicarrier, which the player can upgrade over time. They’re introduced to a “war table” where they can select two different types of missions. There are single player Hero campaign missions with specific characters. However, there are also special WarZone missions, which can either be played alone or with others in co-op. Both “drive the narrative forward,” according to the video.

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The trailer also discusses the perks and upgrades that players can apply to their heroes. These include improvements to Iron Man’s armor, new moves for other characters, and more. There’s also a glimpse of new unlockable outfits available, including Ms. Marvel’s classic superhero costume.

This Marvel’s Avengers video does introduce some new gameplay. This includes getting around a stage with Kamala, who uses her elongated limbs to jump across great heights and smack around enemies. One particularly fun moment involves Kamala kicking away an enemy, then waving at them as they fly off into the distance. There’s also a hint of new combat featuring Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man, as they use some of their upgrades. 

Marvel’s Avengers will hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 15, 2020.

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