Lucasfilm Drops the New Trailer for Vader Immortal Episode II

Four months after Lucasfilm’s ILMxLab launched Vader Immortal, the studio is ready to continue the story set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Via Variety, the studio has announced that the second episode of their Star Wars VR gaming experience is available now. To commemorate the occasion, they’ve released a new trailer that sheds light on the new chapter’s campaign.

Once players don their VR headsets, they will begin learning the ways of the Force under Darth Vader himself. They can harness its power to lift and throw objects from a distance and also use it against enemies. And of course, gamers will get to wield their own lightsaber against a variety of foes, including droids and rancors. The latest episode also notably features your character’s robot companion, ZO-E3, voiced by Maya Rudolph.

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As Vader notes, players will “unlock the secrets of life and death” with their new abilities. It sounds like some of these secrets can be found under the surface of Mustafar. Obviously, that world has strong ties to the titular Dark Lord of the Sith. The game’s director, Ben Snow, previously teased these mysteries during the Vader Immortal’s presentation at D23 last month.

“In Episode II we discover that Mustafar has its own powerful crystals that powered their technology,” Snow told “The Bright Star is one of those, but so exceptionally powerful that it was revered as a holy relic by the Mustafarian tribe we meet in Vader Immortal. Its power had attracted the attention of Lady Corvax, with disastrous results, and legend has it that she locked it away deep in the fortress.”

Vader Immortal Episode II is available on Oculus’ Quest and Rift headsets. You can watch the trailer for the new installment below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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