The X-Men Unite In New Trailer For Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

For years, the X-Men were seemingly marginalized as a result of a power play between Fox and Marvel. That meant that the mutant heroes often had to sit out of games like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. But those days are over now that Disney owns Fox. The latest trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order officially ushers in the Children of the Atom. While the primary story revolves around Thanos and the Black Order attempt’s to unite the Infinity Stones, it seems that Magneto has plans of his own.

In a newly released Ultimate Alliance 3 trailer, Magneto seizes control of one of the stones and declares a new era for mutant kind. He kicks off this “new era” by attacking the X-Men in their home. But by the end, even Magneto acknowledges that “an alliance is in order.” The video also confirms that Psylocke, Nightcrawler, and Beast are joining the action. Wolverine, Storm, and Deadpool were already confirmed. Note that Deadpool isn’t actually a member of the X-Men or even a mutant. But that’s never stopped him from claiming that he is.

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Intriguingly, the trailer also establishes Mystique and Juggernaut as the key members of Magneto’s new Brotherhood. It also depicts a boss fight between the Brotherhood and the player-controlled heroes. Additionally, it appears that when Juggernaut is on a rampage, the best strategy is to run away.

The game’s lineup of X-Men is by no means a full roster of mutants. But perhaps DLC will add a few additional members of the team. You can watch the trailer below. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will hit Nintendo Switch on July 19.

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