Ke Huy Quan in Loki
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Loki: Ke Huy Quan Played O.B. as a Variant of a Former Role

Loki star Ke Huy Quan recently revealed that he portrayed his Season 2 character, Ouroboros “O.B.”, as if he were an older variant of his beloved The Goonies character, Data.

Quan recently opened up about how he “struggled for a long time” to figure out how to play O.B., sharing, “I had meetings with our writers, with our showrunner, with Tom Hiddleston, and I was trying to pick their brains to see what their vision was for this character. They were very supportive, and they offered a lot of suggestions and advice. I felt this tremendous pressure because I didn’t want to disappoint the fans.”

In an interview with Collider, Quan said everything clicked together the minute he visited the Ouroboros set and stage, which the crew had nicknamed “Roger Moore.” Quan explained, “It was called Roger Moore, and as you know, Roger Moore played James Bond, and Data from The Goonies loves James Bond, and it dawned on me that O.B. could be a variant of Data from The Goonies.”

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How was Loki’s O.B. like Data from The Goonies?

Although it doesn’t look like Quan or Marvel snuck in any Goonies-related Easter eggs into Loki Season 2, there are enough parallels between O.B. and Data, beyond both being portrayed by Quan, to make the connection that the two could be the same person.

Data and O.B. both share an interest in inventing, with the former walking around with multiple gadgets and inventions hooked up to his chestplate and belt. He also wears a backpack filled with items and tools. As for O.B., he’s the sole Time Variance Authority agent working in its Repairs and Advancement Department and is responsible for designing and/or fixing every piece of technology in the organization. They are both connected by their love of inventing and inventions.

Once Quan came up with the idea that O.B. could be a variant of Data, he admitted to Collider, “I knew exactly how I wanted to play him. The only thing is, I just have to time slip back into 1985 to try to remember what it was like to play this character and to bring all that energy and memories I had, and time slip back into the TVA and put all of that into Ouroboros.”

O.B. was one of the breakout characters of Loki, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom responding positively to Quan’s performance, which did not go unseen by the actor. “Honestly, ever since the show came out, reading all those wonderful comments and knowing how positively the fans reacted to this character, it has been really heartwarming,” he shared.

Both seasons of Loki are available to stream on Disney+.