Loki EP Calls Final Season 2 Episodes the Best of the Series

Following the shocking cliffhanger in Loki Season 2. Episode 4, the Disney+ show’s executive producer, Kevin Wright, teased fans about what they can expect in the final two episodes of the season.

What happened in Loki Season 2 Episode 4?

Speaking to Marvel.com, Wright revealed why he and his team decided to have the Temporal Loom explode, sending a blast wave straight towards the show’s main characters, in Episode 4, “Heart of the TVA,” when that sort of shocking story development is usually saved for the season finale.

“One, It’ll be super shocking that it happened as early as it does. And two, it allows the filmmakers to kind of flex a different part of their brain which goes, OK, I thought that was going to happen later,” he explained. “What happens after that? What do we do now if we’ve got two episodes going forward? It forces you to think about where we go now and what do we do. It lets it go to really surprising and unexpected places.”

Loki Season 2 is saving the best for last

“If people liked Episode 4, I genuinely think 5 and 6 are maybe the two best episodes of this series,” Wright added. “They’re beautiful and they’re profound. They’re deeply moving. And we only get to go there because of that story acceleration.”

Although “Heart of the TVA” cut to credits before revealing if Loki and the others survived the blast wave, Wright strongly suggested in another interview that everyone will live to see another day in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Everything has gone wrong, and now we have two episodes to push these characters to their absolute limits of who they are and how they’re going to overcome this,” teased Wright. “It lets us go to some really profound and beautiful places. It gave us story kindling, and we knew it would be fun and shocking.”

The first four episodes of Loki Season 2 are currently streaming on Disney+, with Episode 5 arriving on Thursday, November 2.