Invincible: First Look at Season 2 Villain Angstrom Levy Revealed

Prime Video has unveiled the antagonist for the second season of Invincible: Angstrom Levy.

The official Invincible Twitter account shared two images of Angstrom Levy from the upcoming Season 2, alongside the following caption: “Meet Mark’s best friend from another dimension, Angstrom Levy. They’re going to get along great!!!”

Sterling K. Brown — perhaps best known for his role as Randall Pearson in the NBC drama series This Is Us — will voice Angstrom Levy. The antagonist is able to open portals to alternate dimensions. In the comics, Levy created a machine with the Mauler Twins that harnessed and absorbed the intelligence of all his variants.

Invincible creator Robert Kirkman previously confirmed in an interview that while Angstrom Levy will be “the big bad of Season 2,” he won’t be “the only big bad of Season 2.”

He explained, “There’s a lot going on in the season. But I think that, like, the Invincible/Omni-Man conflict was kind of the through line of the first season, what happens with Angstrom Levy carries over the entire season in a way that some of the other stories don’t.”

Invincible returns two years after Season 1

Invincible Season 1 debuted to rave reviews from critics and fans on March 25, 2021. The adult animated series wrapped up its freshman season on April 29, 2021. Despite Amazon renewing the series ahead of its Season 1 finale, fans have had to wait over two years for the Season 2 premiere; it’s currently scheduled for November 3, 2023.

Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) leads the show’s voice cast as its titular character. Grayson adopts the alias Invincible after developing powers similar to his father, Omni Man (J. K. Simmons) — the greatest superhero the world has ever known.

The first season of Invincible, as well as the Atom Eve special, can currently be streamed on Prime Video.