Homelander vs. Superman
Credit: Left: Amazon, Right: Warner Bros.

Homelander vs. Superman: Who Is More Powerful & Would Win in a Fight?

Superhero fans are eager to know who would win in a fight to the death: Homelander vs. Superman. Which of these laser-equipped, super-strong, flying heroes would destroy the other? Here’s a breakdown of both characters and the verdict on who would win.

Is Homelander more powerful than Superman?

No, Homelander is not more powerful than Superman.

Homelander possesses almost every ability that Superman has. He can fly at super speed, has heat vision, super strength, super hearing, enhanced vocal cords, high endurance, and durability. Due to Compound V, he ages slowly compared to a regular human.

But, all the Superman-like abilities he possesses are weaker than the ones that Man of Steel himself has. Homelander’s flight speed, super strength, and durability in particular are inferior to Superman’s. On top of that, he doesn’t possess freeze breath either.

Hence, Homelander isn’t more powerful than Superman. With that said, he also does not possess any notable weaknesses such as Kryptonite. So, that could be a big advantage working in his favor.

Would Homelander beat Superman in a fight?

The outcome of a Superman vs. Homelander battle would depend on multiple factors. We’d have to determine which version of Superman Homelander is fighting and the situation of the battle. If the fight takes place on an empty planet, then it’s highly likely for Superman to take Homelander down.

But if it happens on Earth, then Homelander with his twisted morality could use innocent humans to his advantage and distract Superman to gain an upper hand. As per The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke, Homelander would win. Here’s what he told The Illuminerdi when asked about it:

“I mean it’s definitely Homelander because Superman has morals and Homelander is like a hardcore sociopath. So, it’s like Homelander has no problem ripping off Superman’s testicles, like zero. And Superman’s gonna be like punching above the belt. So, it’s kind of not a contest.”

Furthermore, Homelander could also gain an advantage over Superman if he got his hands on Kryptonite. But without that, there are more scenarios where Superman would emerge victorious. Billy Butcher and Soldier Boy managed to come out on top when they fought Homelander. So, Superman would easily do that as well.

On top of that, Superman could defeat Zod even though he was more experienced. When Zod tried to use innocent humans to his advantage, Sups took him down for good. So, even though Superman does not go for the kill, he will not hold back if Homelander forces him to take drastic measures. Hence, he’d be the victor more often than not.

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