Superman Pink Kryptonite
Credit: Warner Bros.

Superman: What Does Pink Kryptonite Do & Which Comic Is It In?

Superman has gone up against many different types of foes, but what about pink Kryptonite? What does the pink shade of the rock do the Man of Steel. Does it also weaken him, or does it make him even stronger? Here’s all you need to know about pink Kryptonite and its effect on Kryptonians.  

What does pink Kryptonite do to Superman?

Pink Kryptonite alters the sexual orientation of Superman and all other Kryptonians.

While it doesn’t affect the strength of Kryptonians, it changes their orientation. In the case of Superman, it turns him gay.

Since pink Kryptonite has only appeared briefly in the source material, its effects on an already gay/bi Kryptonian are unknown. But because it changes sexual orientation, we could presume that a gay Kryptonian might be rendered straight with it.

In the “True Colors” animated short from the Justice League Action animated series, the effects of Pink Kryptonite were revealed to be very different. Instead of changing the sexual orientation, it changed the sex of Kryptonians itself. Male Kryptonians became female under its effects, and vice versa.

Which Superman comic is pink Kryptonite in?

The pink Kryptonite debuted in 2003’s ‘Supergirl Vol. 4’ #79 during the Many Happy Returns storyline.

It only made one appearance and appeared to turn Superman gay. Readers saw him utter some baffling stereotypical lines under its influence and it was used as a satire for the plots of Silver Age comic stories.

Pink Kryptonite has yet to make a return in the books and many agree that it was a weird addition and felt rather unnecessary. Because of that reason, not many details or background information are available to allow people to learn more about its history and origins.

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