Harley Quinn Kite Man Spinoff in Development at HBO Max

In the age of shared universes, it is perhaps inevitable that any supporting character who gains any kind of popularity will at least be considered for a spinoff. Such is the case with Kite Man, a ’60s Batman villain generally considered a joke in the modern era. At least, until the Harley Quinn cartoon rehabilitated him. Voiced by Matt Oberg, the one-time obnoxious womanizer fell into a doomed romance with Poison Ivy. And while his powers, such as they were (or weren’t) often failed to impress, his commitment eventually won him some respect.

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Now, word out of SXSW, via Slashfilm, has it that Kite Man may be tapped to lead his own animated spinoff show. Titled Noonan’s, it would feature Kite Man as the new owner of the supervillain bar seen in various Harley episodes. Harley and Ivy would appear in the pilot, with different villain characters each week. HBO Max hasn’t yet greenlit the idea, according to cocreator Patrick Schumacker, but it’s a definite possibility.

Schumacker also revealed that in Harley Quinn season 3, there will be a tribute episode to the Paul Dini/Bruce Timm Batman animated series, using actual backgrounds from said series. And James Gunn will make a cameo. “He is playing himself, and is directing a movie about Thomas Wayne,” says Schumacker.

Do you want to see Kite Man get his own show? Let us know in comments.

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