Ed Speleers in Picard
Ed Speleers in Picard

Picard Star Ed Speleers Is More Than Ready to Return for Star Trek: Legacy

While Paramount has yet to officially announce anything regarding Star Trek: Legacy, Picard Season 3 star Ed Speleers is already eager to sign up.

During an interview with Star Trek Explorer, which was shared online by TrekMovie.com, the actor behind the fan-favorite character Jack Crusher promised fans that he’d leap at the opportunity to return to the sci-fi universe. “I would be there with bells on. If the opportunity presents itself, then sign me up, Scotty!” Speleers quipped. He also spoke a little more in-depth on Picard’s closing moments, noting that while showrunner Terry Matalas may not have specifically told him about the idea for Star Trek: Legacy, he was aware that the door for Jack Crusher’s potential return would be left open.

“He said, ‘I am going to put some scenes in this episode that might potentially tee up the possibility of further existence for Jack,’ but he didn’t specifically tell me,” Speleers said. “I just remember reading it and then finding out that John de Lancie and Q, and what that means to Star Trek canon. I was obviously kind of chuffed that I would be working with him.” The actor also noted that while the team was shooting the final scene, he had many conversations about continuing in the role in future spin-offs.

The Legacy of Star Trek

While Star Trek: Legacy isn’t an official project over at Paramount, Matalas’ announcement that he had already planned on how to continue the saga of The Next Generation got many fans excited. The writer and showrunner took to Twitter just before Picard Season 3’s finale, noting that he had envisioned a way to further the story of The Next Generation and continue the adventures of many of the original characters established in Picard. Matalas was also quick to confirm that nothing on Star Trek: Legacy is officially in development.

Picard Seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Paramount+.