Bending drinking a beer with the rest of the Futurama cast
Bending drinking a beer with the rest of the Futurama cast

Futurama EP Is Holding Out Hope for Even More Movies

Following a successful reboot on Hulu, Futurama executive producer Claudia Katz is hopeful that another movie could be on the horizon.

While discussing the latest season of the fan-favorite animated sitcom with RadioTimes, Katz briefly touched on where she wants to see the show go in the future. “Hopefully even more episodes and the nature of Futurama really lends itself to features, so movies would be great too. The series looks fantastic on a big screen!” she said. The executive producer is also hopeful that the latest revival of the Planet Express crew’s adventures could go on longer than ever before. “When you’ve been gone for 10+ years, especially this specific 10-year span, it’s hard to ignore all that comedy gold,” Katz joked.

Can’t Keep Futurama Down

Despite starting off as a TV series on Fox in 199, Futurama’s erratic existence has spawned four separate movies: Bender’s Big Score, Beast With a Billion Backs, Bender’s Game, and Into the Wild Green Yonder. All of the aforementioned stories were produced as straight-to-DVD projects, and each is written as a collection of four standard-length episodes that comprise a larger story than a traditional 30-minute escapade. While Futurama may be back on Hulu with a new season, the streaming service has yet to announce any kind of feature film at the time of writing.

The latest season of Futurama, officially the eighth installment in the series after a prolonged 10-year hiatus, has been widely praised by fans and critics alike. Reuniting nearly the entire original voice cast as well as most of the writing team, many are hoping Hulu will greenlight more seasons, but the streamer has yet to announce a renewal.

Futurama Season 8 is now streaming on Hulu, with new episodes arriving every Monday.