The Continental
Photo Credit: Prime Video

The Continental: Where John Wick’s World Meets Heart-Pounding Adventure and Mystery

With the first episode of The Continental hitting Prime Video in Australia on September 22, it’s time to visit the iconic John Wick location as it’s never been seen before. Whether or not you’ve watched any of the John Wick movies, the three-episode feature length prequel series is a riveting, action-packed experience with plenty of exciting moments.

As the episodes drop each week, let’s look at four of the most intriguing aspects of The Continental that make the series such a thrill.

The Continental
Photo Credit: Prime Video

As a Prequel, It’s an Excellent Starting Point

If you haven’t watched a John Wick movie before, don’t worry. The Continental is set in the 1970s — decades before John’s explosive exploits became the hot topic in the world of assassins. No prior knowledge of the series is needed to enjoy the high octane thrill ride that The Continental provides, as it takes place before any events from the main movies.

At the same time, there’s plenty for diehard Wick fans to take in. Characters like Winston (played by Ian McShane in the films and Colin Woodell in The Continental) and Charon (played in the movies by the late legend Lance Reddick and in the limited series by Ayomide Adegun) lead the adventure, showing how their dynamic and the various aspects of the titular location came to be.

The Continental Gives Winston Even More Depth Than Ever Before

As mentioned, Winston is the lead character of The Continental. Before he served as the owner of the New York Continental Hotel, Winston had his own exciting and explosive adventures that earned him his position. Even in the John Wick movies, Winston is one of the most intriguing characters, so finally getting to learn about his past fills out the world in a big way.

Rewatching the John Wick movies with all this new knowledge about Winston, Charon, and the hotel itself in mind makes for a unique new experience. You can connect who they are with who they used to be, enlightening why they make the choices they do involving John Wick and his rapidly expanding adventure. Even if you’ve seen the John Wick movies before, watching them again with this added context provides a fresh experience.

It Has Tons of Stylish & Uniquely ‘70s Action Scenes

The Continental has all of the stylish and relentless action that the John Wick franchise has become known for. Few other stories have as varied and visually stimulating action as John Wick, and The Continental carries on this tradition with some jaw-dropping action sequences that will leave you amazed. Some of the most beloved moments in the John Wick franchise come from seeing distinct and different assassins show off their unique and diverse skills in equally stunning ways. The Continental turns this aspect up to 11 thanks to the wide variety of fiercely professional assassins that appear in the titular hotel. 

Since the series takes place in the ‘70s, The Continental blends a visually stunning take on 1970s New York with kinetic action, creating a nostalgic yet fresh backdrop for the spectacle. Throw in some family drama between Winston and his fugitive brother, and you have a riveting trip through the world of John Wick. If show-stopping action is your cup of tea, then The Continental has you covered in spades.

High Production Value Makes This a Spectacle

The Prime Video series may be episodic, but the production value and feature length make it more of an event than anything. From an explosive car chase to frequent and fluid choreographed action, The Continental feels like a trilogy of movies. The three weekly releases are practically major premieres, as it’s clear that no expense was spared in the effort to make each installment of The Continental something truly prestigious.

The story is grand and epic, the cast excels at bringing the world to life, and the visual style is second-to-none. If you’ve been hoping for more adventures in the John Wick universe at the level of the films, The Continental has got you covered. From the world of John Wick, The Continental is available on Prime Video from September 22. Start your 30-day free trial today.