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Echo Star Praises Native Writers, Says MCU Series Is ‘Worth the Wait’

Echo actor Zach McClarnon believes the upcoming Disney+ series promises to be something unique and “worth the wait.”

What is McClarnon’s role in Echo?

McClarnon, who made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the titular character’s father William Lopez in Hawkeye on Disney+, spoke to Entertainment Tonight while promoting his shows Dark Winds and Reservation Dogs. Though McClarnon admits his role in the series is very limited, the actor had a good experience in the production. “I wasn’t involved with the show as much as I am with the other shows, obviously. It was much smaller, my footprint on the show,” McClarnon said. “I only worked [in Atlanta] a couple of weeks and it was a wonderful experience.”

Echo continues the story of deaf Tracksuit Mafia commander Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) following the events of Hawkeye where it was revealed that the murder of her father William was at the direction of Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio). In the series, Echo returns to her native Oklahoma to face her past while finding a spiritual reconnection with Native American ancestry. McClarnon praised the series for the sensitive depiction of Native Americans in the scripts. “I think they got some good scripts that were written by native writers and they’ve got Sydney Freeland, who’s an amazing Navajo director on the set, at the helm,” McClarnon said.

Not only will McClarnon be back as William Lopez in flashbacks for Echo but the series will also see the long-awaited reunion of Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox as the Kingpin and Matt Murdock/Daredevil respectively. The series marks the actors’ reunion since the original Daredevil series on Netflix ended in 2018. Additionally, the actors will headline the spiritual sequel series Daredevil: Born Again for Disney+ which currently has production on pause due to the ongoing writers and actors strike.

Echo has been subjected to massive reshoots and speculation about its quality since the announcement that the entire five-episode run would be released all at once on Disney+; however, McClarnon believes MCU fans will embrace the series. “It’s Marvel, first. You know, that’s worth the wait right there. It was a wonderful experience, and I think people are gonna enjoy Echo. What I read and what I saw going on down there was amazing. I was very happy to be a part of it again.”

Echo will be released in its entirety on Disney+ on November 29.