My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures With Superman Star Reveals His 2 Biggest Comic Inspirations

My Adventures With Superman star Jack Quaid says two iconic DC storylines starring the Man of Steel served as an inspiration on the Adult Swim animated series.

Speaking with Collider, Quaid was asked if he looked at any previous comic or animated iterations of Clark Kent/Superman.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” the Star Trek: Lower Decks star replied. “I read All-Star Superman, was a big inspiration. I think with that one you really do get to see how absolutely genuine that character is. Superman For All Seasons does a similar thing. Those were two really big inspirations for my rendition of Superman.”

He continued, “What I liked about this version was he’s Clark first, you know. He starts off like Clark isn’t a persona he puts on in order to be more appealing or to have people underestimate him. Like that’s who he is deep down, and he’s still figuring out who he is as Superman, all the while juggling being an intern at a newspaper, and he very much wants to be a reporter as well, which I think is so cool.”

What Happens in All-Star Superman and Superman For All Seasons?

Written by Grant Morrison, illustrated by Frank Quitely, and inked by Jamie Grant, All-Star Superman is a 12-issue series that ran from 2005 to 2008. The plot sees Lex Luthor orchestrate a plan to expose Superman to massive amounts of solar radiation that gives the Man of Steel only one year to live. Rather than fight the inevitable, Superman spends his remaining year trying to make the Earth a better place.

Superman For All Seasons is a four-issue series published in 1998 by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale. Each issue is narrated by a prominent figure in Clark’s life. It follows the Man of Steel from his early origins in Smallville to his crime-fighting days in Metropolis.

My Adventures With Superman airs on July 6, 2023, on Adult Swim.