Secret Invasion Director Reveals if Fury Knows About Episode 2’s Skrull Twist

Secret Invasion director Ali Selim has revealed if Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is wise to the big Skrull twist at the end of Episode 2.

Does Nick Fury know his wife is a Skrull?

Secret Invasion Episode 2, “Promises,” reveals that Nick Fury’s wife, Priscilla Fury (Charlayne Woodard), is actually the Skrull known as Varra. The episode itself deliberately leaves things unclear regarding whether or not the former S.H.I.E.L.D. leader knows the truth about his wife’s identity. According to Selim, Fury definitely knows his wife is a Skrull in the show’s script. However, the director likes to keep people guessing.

“In the script, he knows. And when we shot it, it was interesting that maybe he didn’t know. We ultimately edited it in a way that made people feel like, ‘I wonder if he knows or not,'” Selim told Deadline. “I can’t tease anything forward about his wife. The conversation in the lobby after the premiere the other night was, ‘Does he know she’s a Skrull? Or does he not?’ And I think either way works.”

Secret Invasion’s Nick Fury has long history with the Skrulls

Selim says it will soon be clear if the final version of Secret Invasion sticks to the original script. But given the show’s central Skrull invasion, there are bound to be complications regardless. “I think his wife is a support and a complication, and I think you will learn interesting things about their relationship … going forward,” Selim said. “But ultimately, that is the personal issue that he needs to confront to make this make sense to him.”

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fury’s ties to the Skrulls can be traced back to the events of the 1990s-set film Captain Marvel. It was in that movie that Fury began his long-term cooperation with the shapeshifting aliens after befriending Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and his fellow Skrull refugees. This association will no doubt be put to the test as Secret Invasion carries forward. The Disney+ series follows a fringe group of Skrull extremists attempting to covertly conquer Earth.

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