Vision Quest

Report: Vision Quest Will Introduce 2 Members of Vision’s Family

It sounds like the upcoming Disney+ series Vision Quest will introduce a couple of members of Vision’s family from Tom King’s 2015 run on The Vision.

Insider @CanWeGetToast has reported that Vin and Vivian Vision — the Vision’s synthezoid son and daughter — will make their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Vision Quest. The duo are similar to the Marvel hero, with matching red synthetic skin and green hair.

Who are Vision Quest’s Vin and Vivian Vision?

Vin and Vivian first appeared in Vision Vol. 2 #1 as the Vision’s synthezoid children that he created as a means of humanizing himself alongside their mother Virginia. Vivian would go on to become a member of the young superhero team the Champions, alongside characters like Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, and Sam Alexander/Nova.

The last time fans saw Vision in the MCU was in the closing episodes of the Disney+ series WandaVision. This conclusion saw the Vision being dismantled and reassembled in a new, white body, which disappeared shortly before the season’s finale.

A report from Deadline at the time of the series’ announcement noted that the series will focus on Vision “trying to regain his memory and humanity.” Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff could also appear, but the actress has remained tight-lipped. It’s likely that Paul Bettany would reprise his role as Vision. 

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