Bo-Katan secrets.

The Mandalorian’s Katee Sackhoff Explains Why Bo-Katan Is Keeping Secrets

Bo-Katan Kryze has played a central role in every episode of The Mandalorian season 3 to date. And the big moment at the end of episode 2 featured Bo-Katan coming face-to-face with an actual living Mythosaur in the Living Waters of the Mines of Mandalore. So far, Bo-Katan has withheld this information from her ally, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal). This has made some fans suspicious that Bo-Katan is planning to betray Din and reclaim the Darksaber for herself. However, actress Katee Sackhoff recently suggested that Bo-Katan has a different reason for keeping her secrets.

“She doesn’t trust necessarily what she saw,” said Sackhoff while speaking with EW. “She might have thought that she imagined it… There’s so many things that she’s trying to process in her head that I don’t necessarily think that it’s something that she wants to tell anyone about right now.” 

Sackhoff also indicated that Bo-Katan doesn’t want to be the leader of Mandalore anymore. Instead, she wants someone else to fill that role.

“I truly believe at this point that she hopes someone else steps up,” noted Sackhoff. “She doesn’t want the responsibility. The responsibility cost her everything… Leading didn’t work, so maybe fitting in will.”

In the past, Bo-Katan has been openly disdainful about Din’s clan, the Children of the Watch. And yet she was accepted into the clan at the end of episode 3 because she had also been “redeemed” by the Living Waters when she saved Din’s life. According to Sackhoff, this moment has a profound impact on her character.

“She truly is alone and has nowhere to go,” admitted Sackhoff. “To be immediately accepted by people is new for her. She may or may not be trying to figure out if that’s a place where she should potentially stay.”

The Mandalorian‘s next episode will premiere on Wednesday, March 23, only on Disney+.

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