Pedro Pascal Talks How Joel Breaks Male Archetypes in The Last Of Us

In HBO’s The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal plays Joel Miller, the tough smuggler who is a stone-cold killer with ruthless aggression. With each passing episode, Joel slowly opens up around Ellie (Bella Ramsey), bonding with the young girl on their cross-country journey. On the latest installment of Hot Ones, Pascal discussed how he undermines male archetypes as Joel to convey a character with emotion and humility.

“I think that there’s a funny thing about a very, sort of, restricted exterior that is typical for these kinds of male archetypes,” said Pascal. ‘Don’t show your feelings. People will see that you’re weak. Survival is key. Don’t let anybody in.’ Developing human connection is not, at least in his mind, [the] key to survival. But then, only to discover that he cannot live without it at any cost.”

Part of the reason why Joel’s personality is hardened stems from the losses he’s experienced. In the first episode, Sarah (Nico Parker), Joel’s daughter, dies in her father’s arms after being shot by a soldier. In episode three, Joel lost his friend and smuggler partner, Tess (Anna Torv), when she sacrifices herself after being bitten, blowing up a building full of infected.

Joel’s emotional journey reached its climax in episode 8. After Ellie kills David and escapes the burning building, she’s traumatized when Joel finds her outside. Joel lovingly embraces Ellie, calling her “baby girl” as he comforts the young girl in his arms.

The season 1 finale of The Last of Us airs at 9pm this Sunday, March 12, on HBO.

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