Grant Gustin Shares His Farewell To The Flash

In just over two months, The Flash will wrap up its ninth and final season on The CW. However, the final episode has only just been completed. And now, series star Grant Gustin is sharing his farewell to The Flash, a role he has played since guest starring as Barry Allen in the second season of Arrow in 2013.

“I said goodbye to The Flash and my Flash family on Saturday. Very special day, with moments I will cherish for the rest of my life,” wrote Gustin on his Instagram account. “My family got to see my last shot as The Flash – that’s something I could’ve never imagined nearly 10 years ago when I started this journey. This first shot here is moments before my final set up (which was Flash running). I got a chance to thank the crew, who have worked longer hours than anyone can image and are the reason we were able to accomplish 184 episodes of The Flash. More than anything I’ll miss chatting and laughing in between takes (and sometimes during takes) with so many of them.”

As part of his post, Gustin included pictures of his wife, Andrea Thoma, and their daughter on the set for the final episode. He also went on to thank the series creators, the cast, the crew, and the fans.

“THANK YOU to the fans who remained passionate about our show through 9 seasons,” continued Gustin. “The show went through lots of changes but so many people stuck with us through it all. I look forward to hopefully continuing to meet some of you out in the world in passing and maybe even at conventions in the future… Honored to have had the chance to play this iconic character. I gave it absolutely everything I had. That’s all for now.”

The final episode of The Flash will air on Wednesday, May 24. New episodes will run until then on Wednesday nights on The CW.

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