John Wesley Shipp and Teddy Sears Return For The Flash Season 9

The ninth and final season of The Flash is leaving no stone unturned. The show is already set to bring back a long list of Flash and Arrowverse characters, including Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and other familiar faces. The guest list just got a little longer with the addition of two returning characters. TVLine is reporting that John Wesley Shipp will return as Jay Garrick/Golden Age Flash, and Teddy Sears will reprise his role as Hunter Zolomon/Zoom in The Flash season 9.

During season 1 and most of season 2, Shipp portrayed Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen. He first appeared as Garrick at the end of season 2 as the Flash of Earth-2 and the doppelganger of Henry Allen. In subsequent seasons, Garrick served as a mentor to Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. While speaking with TVLine, Showrunner Eric Wallace called Shipp’s portrayal of Garrick an emotional performance that fans have come to love.

Flash fans have loved John Wesley Shipp’s heroic and heartwarming portrayals on our show since its inception,” Wallace said. “So, it’s a huge honor to have John back as part of our epic final season. . . . John’s lent his incredible talents to an incredibly emotional story — one that sheds new light on Barry Allen’s tragic past.”

Sears’ villainous Zolmon was the main antagonist in season 2. Zoom eventually died in the second season finale, so it is unknown how he will reappear. However, Zoom’s epic confrontations with Barry made a lasting impact on Wallace, who has wanted to bring Sears back for a few years.

“It’s a reunion I’ve been hoping could happen for several seasons,” noted Wallace. “And now I’m so excited that we were finally able to bring Teddy and incredible talents back into our Flash Family for our epic and emotional ninth season. So, get ready to be frightened again.”

The next episode of The Flash aires Wednesday, February 22, on The CW.

Are you excited to see John Wesley Shipp and Teddy Sears back on The Flash? Let us know in the comment section below!

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