Javicia Leslie Says Batwoman Fans Will Get Closure On The Flash

Javicia Leslie is back in the Arrowverse, but now she’s playing Red Death on The Flash. Red Death is an evil alternate version of Ryan Wilder/Batwoman who absorbs The Flash’s powers. In light of the shocking return, Leslie shared with TVLine that fans of Batwoman will receive closure during her arc as Red Death on The Flash.

“I said that to Eric [Wallace], that this feels like a good goodbye — and not just a goodbye to Batwoman but a goodbye to The Flash and a lot of the Arrowverse,” Leslie said. “I’m really happy that Eric was able to being a lot of us back to give our real farewells.”

How did Leslie’s appearance as the Red Death come about? It all started with a conversation with The Flash’s showrunner Eric Wallace after Batwoman’s cancellation. Although she did not fully explore previous iterations of Red Death, Leslie used her knowledge of the show to build the character.

“Eric first called me when the show was canceled, and he gave me his thoughts on that,” Leslie said. “Afterwards, he said, ‘Don’t you worry, I’ve got something planned for you,’ and I said, ‘OK.’ And then maybe a month-and-a-half later, in June or July, he calls me and tells me about Red Death.”

“I did take a look at some [source material], to get an idea for the fullness of the character,” Leslie added. “And I also watch The Flash, so I do understand dark speedsters and their goals, and where their rage comes from.”

The next episode of The Flash aires Wednesday, March 8, on The CW.

What do you think of Leslie’s appearance as Red Death on The Flash so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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