Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Reveals Studios, Date, Titles

This year’s Star Wars Day should be very special for animation fans. Because on May 4th, Star Wars: Visions season 2 will hit Disney+. The acclaimed compilation of animated shorts inspired by the Star Wars universe featured primarily Japanese anime studios the first time around; for the second, things get even more international. In a new graphic and announcement, revealed just who they’ll be, with at least one name sounding very familiar:

Aardman should be familiar to many readers as the UK-based animation company working primarily in clay animation on the likes of Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit. Ireland’s Cartoon Saloon, meanwhile, made the multi-award nominated The Secret of Kells, WolfWalkers, and The Breadwinner.

Here’s a list of the shorts’ titles, along with the director names and studio:

“Sith.” Studio: El Guiri. Writer-director: Rodrigo Blaas (Trollhunters)

“Screecher’s Reach.” Studio: Cartoon Saloon. Director: Paul Young (Producer of My Father’s Dragon, WolfWalkers, The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, and The Breadwinner.)

“In the Stars.” Studio: Punkrobot. Writer-director: Gabriel Osorio (animated short Oscar winner “Bear Story”).

“I Am Your Mother.” Studio: Aardman. Director: Magdalena Osinska (Spirits of the Piano, Zbigniev’s Cupboard).

“Journey to the Dark Head.” Studio: Studio Mir. Director: Hyeong Geun Park

“The Spy Dancer.” Studio: Studio La Cachette. Writer-director: Julien Chheng (Ernest and Celestine: A Trip to Gibberitia).

“The Bandits of Golak.” Studio: 88 Pictures. Director: Ishan Shukla (Schirkoa).

“The Pit.” Studios: D’art Shtajio and Lucasfilm Ltd. Directors: LeAndre Thomas (“Mirror”), Justin Ridge (executive producer, Star Wars Resistance).

“Aau’s Song.” Studio: Triggerfish. Writer-directors: Nadia Darries and Daniel Clarke (Stick Man).

Are you excited to see what these shorts have in store? Let us know in the comment section below!

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