Hasbro Star Wars Figures Livestream Reveals for Feb. 1

Would you be shocked to learn more Clonetrooper figures are coming to Hasbro‘s Star Wars line? No? Then try this — they’ll have a new sculpt this time. Because Andor featured the first time ever that Clonetrooper Phase II armor (a.k.a. Episode III) was constructed in live action rather than CG, Hasbro got to scan and sculpt a figure based on how the practical armor looks on an actor. Leaner, meaner, and more proportionate, this sculpt will see single-carded release, and get repainted for a 212th battalion multipack. All in the Vintage Collection 3-3/4 scale.

The Star Wars Celebration exclusive figure also saw the light today, and it’s a dark red, slightly sparkly Darth Vader based on the early Revenge of the Jedi teaser poster. It comes packed with a mini-poster and cardboard display stand. Other key reveals in the Black Series include an Endor Trooper with customizable gear and two different faces, ARC Trooper Jesse, and Ki-Adi Mundi.

The Vintage Collection adds a long-sought holy grail figure with a Darth Vader that comes with a two-stage removable helmet, and removable hand. It’s a level of detail older manufacturing processes could not have handled. A newer Return of the Jedi Han Solo gets a more current head scan, Admiral Piett gets a figure with his Episode VI “accidentally demoted but screen accurate” rank badge, and Starkiller returns with deluxe accessories to change his outfit. As does Clone Captain Howzer, previously named Ballast, but now corrected to reflect The Bad Batch.

Announcements for future figures include a whole wave of The Book of Boba Fett retro-figures in vintage Kenner style, Vintage Collection Jedi Luke, Obi-Wan, and Darth Vader from their recent TV appearances, a Mandalorian-era Speeder Bike, and Mando’s new customized N-1 starfighter. The Black Series will add a deluxe Darth Malgus, a Luke and Grogu deluxe pack, and a replica of Ahsoka’s Clone Legion helmet. Speaking of helmets, the new Scout Trooper replica helmet includes an entire flip-up front.

Take a look at all our screencaps below for images. Then let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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